Take the Next Step

Future-proof your portfolio — use PACE to take building performance to the next level.

During its launch stage, GreenFinanceSF, in conjunction with Energy Upgrade California, is able offer a subsidized Debt Service Reserve Fund to lenders, and will cover certain program costs to projects on a first come, first served basis.

Download or contact us for an application package, including Program Handbook, Eligible Measures List, and Initial Application. The program can also assist property owners identify eligible project lenders. An outline of the application process follows:

Step 1: Review what types of upgrades are financeable through PACE. What projects would you like to do, but have not been able to find funding for? How can you take it to the next level?

Step 2: Review the eligibility criteria to make sure your property is eligible for GreenFinanceSF. Most commercial properties in San Francisco that are current on property taxes and have positive equity will qualify. Review the application materials to see what is involved. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Step 3: Submit the Initial Application that you will find in the application materials. In the Initial Application, you will provide basic information about your property ownership and valuation as well as a broad sketch of your proposed project(s).

Step 4: After it reviews your Initial Application, GreenFinanceSF will provide you a Conditional Reservation that pre-approves your proposed project and, if you requested it, Debt Service Reserve Fund allocation. With the Conditional Reservation, you can begin assembling the information and authorizations needed for the Final Application.

Step 5: Work with a qualified engineer or energy contractor to define a Scope of Work, and build the business case for the project(s).

Step 6: Contact your mortgage lender to discuss the project. Show them the business case, and ask for their consent to fund the project using PACE. The GreenFinanceSF program team may be available to provide educational assistance on an as-needed basis.

Step 7: Reach out to interested PACE lenders to negotiate terms that make sense for your project. The program can help you identify potential lenders. Your mortgage lender may well want to do the financing itself. In either case, the GreenFinanceSF team is not directly involved in these negotiations—their role is to secure repayment with the PACE special tax and ensure basic program requirements are met.

Step 8: Complete the application materials and submit through this website. You will receive an email confirming that the Final Application is complete, and laying out next steps.

Step 9: Once approved, work with GreenFinanceSF to execute the necessary documents.

Step 10: Close financing and implement your performance upgrade!